"Barizi Team did an outstanding job creating our website and helped align our company vision and goals with a website that is classy and professional"
Lucy Mwikya

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Enhancing businesses presence online, through professional, functional & user friendly websites, getting more leads to qualified customers with customized & cost-effective internet marketing campaigns- SEO, PPC & Social Media.


Dynamic Tools

The dynamic tools are excellent ways to create value to your site, generating many hits on it. All tools can be integrated into your design and your custom color. The management of these tools is entirely done using administrative interfaces.

Here are twelve (12) tools currently available at Barizi Web Solutions:

1. Catalog  E-Commerce
The product catalog allows you to view  all of your products or services. An administration interface allows you to update your own catalog without having to know HTML programming.  You will not have to pay a programmer to do your regular updates.

2. Recommend this site
The tool "Recommend this site" allows your visitors to send the address of your website to Colleagues and friends to let them enjoy the interesting content presented on the latter. This tool is one of the best ways to generate much traffic on your site. Your visitors will promote your site on a word of mouth.

3. Mailing list (newsletter)
The tool "Mailing List" allows visitors to register to receive periodic newsletters on your business.  You can use this tool to provide the latest news about your company to your customers and visitors, announce promotions of the month, etc..  Subscribe and unsubscribe are made by the visitor is no management for you. This tool can also send emails in HTML evolved.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The tool "Frequently Asked Questions" you can add / edit / manage / delete questions and answers for your visitors.  Since this section is updated regularly, this tool allows you to save considerable costs updated from a web programmer.

5. Publication of documents
The tools' Publish documents allows you to automatically publish using forms, documents on your website.  Again, you do not need to know HTML programming to make the management. This tool allows you to publish any type of file. Ideal to publish your press releases and newsletters.

6. Photo Gallery (album)

Photo Gallery lets you publish your site photos as a photo album. You have the opportunity to display a small picture that can be enlarged at the click of a mouse.  A form lets you choose the pictures on your hard drive to publish  and the system automatically installs everything on your site.

7. Calendar Calendar
The tool "Calendar" allows you to display your business in detail. So if you organize a conference, open day or any other event, you will be able to know your visitors.  In addition, timing can use calendar you can see anywhere in the world.

8. Poll Survey
This tool allows you to install a quick poll on your site as you've probably seen elsewhere on the internet.  This tool allows you to ask your visitors to obtain their views on various subjects.  The results are automatically recorded so no management is required on your part.

9. Discussion Forum
The tool "Forum" can have two major utilities. The first is simply to offer your visitors the ability to communicate among themselves on various topics.  The second utility is the level of support to visitors and customers.  In fact, your customers can go directly on your site to ask questions and / or read the questions from other visitors.  As the discussion forum is available 24 hours over 24, you can offer your customers to ask questions at any time, regardless of opening hours in your office. The forum is a supplement to the service provided by telephone.

10. Rotating banner
The tool rotation banners you can display different images in a specific area of your site whenever the page is loaded.  Very useful for making self-promotion, add variety and vitality and to implement a system of advertising in a website.  The administration tool allows you to easily add images to display in the rotation, change the order of appearance of images, links, etc..

11. Quiz - Trivia
The tool "Quiz - Trivia" is very popular with surfers. It is currently used to provide information to your visitors as gaming in general, people will choose questions whose answers can be found on their website that encourages people to visit all the pages.