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Enhancing businesses presence online, through professional, functional & user friendly websites, getting more leads to qualified customers with customized & cost-effective internet marketing campaigns- SEO, PPC & Social Media.


Online Reputation Management (ORM)


Building good brand reputation takes times. Good publicity sells, and similarly negative mentions of your company could easily bring down your sales. Your obviously don’t want the latter to happen to you, do you?

With search engines (Google,Yahoo,Bing) continually providing more information on your company, services/products, staff and more, it has become very challenging to manage reputation.

One hard fact is that your brand can be ruined in matter of minutes online. A bad reputation could eventually end up costing you business deals, drive away existing customers and scare away prospects.

Unsatisfied clients, press, unscrupulous competitors and people with bad intentions can easily ruin your reputation by publishing bog posts, articles, testimonials, reviews, comments that depict your business in a negative way. What happens when this information tops search engine results when a person searches your brand, products & services? Threat of putting you out of business becomes real!

You are probably asking :“Is there a solution to this brand image problem?” Yes! Our online reputation management service will adress the negative publicity in a systematic manner to gently remove or diffuse it.

What about dealing with genuine customer concerns? Well, sometime it happens you did something nasty to the customers. Be it defective products, poor service, promises that weren’t fulfilled or bad customer care! In this case, our team will advise you on when and how to respond to each negative reviews, testimonials, comments & posts. We treat each brand image problem differently, with the aim of engaging unhappy clients and eventually getting them to see your business in a new light.

We offer reputation management services to Kenyan small, medium and big businesses, whether their target audience is local or international. Contact us now and let's restore your online reputation.