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Why every Small Kenyan business needs a website

A strong online presence of any business is very important, not only in reaching potential customers but also in brand building. The internet is fast changing the business landscape as we know it. More Kenyans are getting connected, and that means using internet to market your products and services is not an option anymore; it’s indispensable to tool for every business to remain competitive in this digital age.


It’s true that your small company can create a web presence without necessarily having a website. Thanks to FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and other social sites, you can establish an online presence. This, however, comes with one major limitation- you have very little control. You can’t publish everything you want; you can’t get prospects contacts, customers don’t have enough information on your services/products.

Here are 5 reasons your small and medium company requires a website:

Online marketing

Internet has provided a new cost effective and relatively cheap channel to reach customers. It can be said to be the marketing media that provides a more or less fair playground for both big and small businesses. It’s now totally possible for a small firm to compete with established brands, thanks to internet marketing.

The only way to exploit this new method of promoting your products is by first having a company website. A good looking and functional website is must for success in any online marketing campaign.

Enlarge a customer base

With expected growth of e-commerce in the country, small business owner should start investing in creating websites. This will indeed avoid losing customers who are embracing online shopping, besides capturing those who are already used to it.

A website is also the most cost effective way to market your products anywhere in the world. Unlike your physical shop, online shop will open doors for clients in any part of the world.

Enhance your brand

Mention of your business on other sites, be it social sites or others can be good or bad for your brand. Your Face book fan page is good for connecting with your customers. But what happens when you have negative posts/comments by users?

Your official website is the only place where people will be looking to get real and correct information about your business. It’s the only platform you got to present yourself as you like.

Get prospects to know your products/services well

Having your company website will enable you to give customers and prospects as much information as possible on your products. Here you have a platform to tell them the benefits of what you offer. This isn’t possible in other websites that you don’t own.

24 hrs a day access to company’s details

People are always using search engines to look for information of their interest. By running and maintaining a professional and interactive website, customers in need of information/contacts about your small business will easily get you. Regardless of the time, people will be in a position to access information on what you sell.

Enhanced interaction with customers

Many customers and site visitors are likely to leave a comment/suggestion or ask question on your website, rather than call or visit your shop. Prospects don’t have to come to your premises to enquire more on your products. They just e-mail and you respond with what they want. You are also likely to get more suggestions and positive criticism via site. This can be great resource on how to improve your operations or quality.

This fast and more interactive communication with your customers is very important in winning their loyalty and trust, and subsequently more sales.

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