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Factors to consider when buying a computer

In today’s world, computers have become very essential in almost every aspect of life. We simply can’t do without computing. But how do you buy a computer that will help you complete tasks effectively and efficiently? Doing some research before purchasing a PC can help you identify the right one for you.


The followings are important things to consider before buying a computer:

Central processing unit (CPU)/ Processor

This is considered the brain of your PC. It’s the one behind execution of programs. CPU speed is extremely important to ensure your desktop or laptop operates maximally. If possible always go for the latest in the market.

The current processor speed ranges from 1.4 GHz to 3.46 GHz. For normal computer use, a processor with speed of 1.8 GHz will be alright.  The higher the better, but this always comes at additional cost.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM is simply the system memory, and the more the better. The more the computer memory, the faster your PC will run- maximum speed and performance. Majority of computers come with at least 256 MB RAM. To be on safe side, always buy one with 512 or more.

Hard Drive

It’s the computer permanent storage unit. It stores programs, data, documents and any other information. The more space your computer has, the more data you can save- documents, movies, music, games and more. Most current desktops and laptops come with at least 40 GB hard drive.

Removable Media

Be sure to have a CD-R or CD_RW drive installed on computer you intend to buy. But I would advise you go for DVD or DVD_R. For reading information from CD ROM you need just CD-R, however with CD-R you can write/record data. Similarly, DVD can only read, while DVD-R can record besides reading DVD ROM.

USB ports are also important for reading flash disks or for plugging other accessories.

Finally, ensure you buy an effective antivirus to keep your computer from virus, spyware, & malware. We recommend Avast Anti-virus, but you can also try others. Free Avast antivirus is good for home users. Business users need pro-versions.


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