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Fibre optic cables and Business opportunities in Kenya

The arrival and subsequent use of fibre optic technology, is expected to increase business opportunities to both old and new investors. Those who will first to identify these opportunities will be reaping good profits in the next two to three years.


For years now, we have been depending on high cost and unreliable satellite for internet connection. Cost effectiveness brought about by fiber optic cables, is significant step in ensuring small businesses and households have access to internet.

New businesses are set to be started in every sector of Kenya economy, as internet access by many locals will open new unexplored markets. Existing businesses are also set to see significant reduction in costs of internet connections, besides enjoying high speed connections.

But how is exactly Kenyans expected to exploit this new technology?

Here are some biz opportunities that will be made wide open by fibre technology:

Web hosting It’s obvious that the number of individuals and businesses with websites is fast increasing. That means one thing- web hosting services will be in great demand.

Online consultancy– Easy and cheap access to internet by many Kenyans means more and more people will be searching for information/services/products online. Provision of consultancy services is thus likely to pick. If you are an expert in any given profession, consider starting a blog. Provide basic but useful information to your target audience for free. After gaining a good number of followers, you can always provide detailed consultancy at a fee. See my point?

Internet marketing- Online advertising –  Search marketing, Search engine optimization (SEO), Email Marketing will make internet marketing among top paying jobs in Kenya.

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