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Free data storage on the internet

Getting enough space to store data has always been a challenge. It even gets more complicated as we accumulate more and more data on daily basis. Documents, e-mails, photos and music collections are ever increasing. The problem is finding enough space, without having to delete old files.


Now you can afford to relax! You ask why? – Now you can store your data remotely for free. There are several sites offering free data storage on the internet. You now have options to choose from; either to save your information online or keep two copies, one on the local computer and the other on the internet.

The latter is the better choice, as it provides data backup in case one copy is corrupted, deleted or damaged.

Storing your digital information in the internet is rapidly growing trend. This method of keeping data has come to be known as cloud storage. Remote storage of your business or personal files comes with several advantages: one is that you can access you documents everywhere on the globe, as long as you have internet connection. Another one is providing backup copy for data in your computer. Sharing of data with anyone in any location is also quick and simple, and at no extra cost.

So in case you have run out of space on your computer’s hard drive or other storage device, consider storing it remotely.

Here are some of the sites providing data storage on the internet. Did I mention for free?


Windows Live SkyDrive –– 15GB



For those individuals or companies/organizations wishing to have more web-based data storage, it’s always a better option to subscribe to premium account. This always comes with added features.

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