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How important is it to have a business website?

Having a website has become indispensable to businesses of all sizes: large, medium or small. More and more people are getting connected, and with arrival and subsequent connection of fibre optics,Kenya internet users are going to increase significantly.

But what are benefits of having a business website? Whether for a small or big business, investing in a website is going to very beneficial.


Here are some advantages of having a website:

Reach new markets with a global audience.
Online presence exposes business to prospects throughout the world.

Ever wondered how your business would be able to reach a global market?  A Web site is the most economical way to market your products/services nationally or internationally. In this sense, development of a website is always important.

Business Accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Unlike your office or shop, which has an operating hours, your website is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your customers can learn about your business, products or services outside of office hours or during the weekend, so we having a website will no doubt open more business opportunities.

Improve customer service.
By providing answers to questions on your Web site, sales and information requests can be processed automatically and immediately, whether you have someone in the office or not. Online forms can be used to enable customers to request quotations or additional information. Save on costs, enabling them to download proposals and other important documents.

Present a professional image.
For a small business, a well-designed site is an excellent way to earn  trust and appear larger than it actually is. Always choose a good company to develop your company website.

Sell your products.
Why spend resources on electricity, rent and all other costs of physical facilities of a store? Selling through a website on the Internet is much cheaper and is a great way to complement your existing business.

Promote your services.
Offices, real estate, technicians, photographers, internet marketers and all service oriented businesses should advertise and make known their solutions. Thousands of potential customers are turning to Internet sites to learn more about the services available to them and even to decide which enterprise and service that is right.


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