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Simple tips to avoid Data loss

It is so frustrating when you lose that important file, right?  It is even absolutely horrible when data lost is so crucial. Imagine where your office report/ college project report you are expected to submit the very next day getting lost.


Is n’t it so disturbing when you realize that your crucial documents have disappeared from your computer? But it is not usually bad as it seems. Chances are that you can still recover your data. There various tools and software for data recovery, but that’s topic for another day.

For now let us have a look at some simple yet effective tips to prevent data loss.

Creating backups of important documents

This is the best effective and affordable way to avoid data loss. Making at least one copy of original file and keeping it in different storage media can save lots of headache. Always confirm that your backup data is in good condition.

Updated Anti-virus

Always use good antivirus to guard your computer against viruses, Trojans and other malwares.

Deletion, modification or even corruption of data can be caused by computer viruses.

Installing antivirus is not enough to guarantee protection, keeping your anti-virus up to date is the key.

Un-interrupted Power supply

It is always a wise thing to protect your computer and data during power failures.  The spare battery in UPS will allow for ample time to save your documents and shut down your machine properly.

Regular Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance procedures such as disk defragmentation, after every few months is good way to make data retrieval easy. It is also easier to recover data from defragmented disks.

Avoid Extreme Environments

At all times, avoid exposing your hard drive/computers to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Extreme heat/cold shortens lifespan of a drive besides ultimately damaging electronic components.

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