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3 reasons why you need internet marketing consultants for your Kenyan business

It’s now a fact that internet has completely changed the Kenya business landscape. Online advertising and promotion is indispensable tool, not an option for local companies wishing to remain competitive and relevant. But how exactly is your business benefiting from internet marketing?


Going it alone in this dynamic field of online marketing can prove very expensive, frustrating non sustainable. Getting people to your business website via online marketing campaigns is the easiest part. Reaching potential customers and actually making them to buy your products or services is the tricky part. It calls for a skilled and experienced internet marketers.

Here are three reasons why you need the services of an internet marketing company:

Getting targeted traffic

As an experienced Kenyan internet marketer, I have come to learn one important thing- You really don’t need thousands of website visitors every day to make it online.

It’s the quality of visitors you get that matters. If, for instance you sell computers in Nairobi, visitors looking for computer jobs will not contribute to any sales in your site. Getting people looking for computers, laptops and their accessories is key thing here.

Good internet marketing involves attracting people who are highly likely to convert into actual customers. By not using the services of net marketing specialist, you may be spending fortune in online adverts, and not selling anything.

Online promotions management

Managing online campaigns to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness can only be done by experts. This is not only limited to budget, but also to brand management. Professional internet marketers know what tools to use, when and how to make sure there is guarantee on return on investment.

Conducting your own online advertising may see you spending double budget (or even more) of what an accomplished marketer may use to bring the same number of visitors (assuming you also get targeted traffic). Simply put, a good internet marketing consultancy company may save you a great deal of resources.

High conversion rate

A reputable marketing company will always give more emphasis not only on attracting targeted traffic but also on converting traffic into sales. Having high traffic with poor conversion rate is a disaster for any business.

Preparing a good landing page is very essential in converting a website visitor into a customer. Apart from build brand, the only other justification for online marketing is to increase sales, right? Of course strengthening brand online will contribute to more sales. After all you are looking forward to make more money from your website.

Can you handle the above on your own? If you need help, Barizi Web Solutions has professional internet marketers to assist you.

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