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Is Internet Marketing Easy & Cheap As You Think?

It’s indeed a good thing that Kenyan businesses continue to adopt internet as means of reaching out to potential buyers. More business opportunities, jobs and markets are being opened up by embracing online marketing. The major challenge we have continually faced from most locals is o

Looking for Internet marketing Consultants? 3 things you should ask.

Online marketing consultation is gradually becoming a big business in Kenya. Big brands, medium and small companies are embracing this fast growing marketing channel. Promoting your services/products on the Internet, to be honest, requires a completely different approach from offline

Internet Marketing Options for Kenya Small Businesses

Internet has indeed opened a completely new avenue for businesses- SMES and large corporations. However, just like in offline marketing, small and medium businesses should choose internet marketing tools that fit within their little budget, are sustainable and effective. When it comes

Top 3 reasons why Kenyan businesses must embrace internet marketing

The growth of online marketing in the country has been tremendous in the last few years. And 2010 marked the entrance of significant number small and medium sized companies in this digital marketing. Though there are many internet marketing options, local businesses seem to embrace Fa

3 reasons why you need internet marketing consultants for your Kenyan business

It’s now a fact that internet has completely changed the Kenya business landscape. Online advertising and promotion is indispensable tool, not an option for local companies wishing to remain competitive and relevant. But how exactly is your business benefiting from internet marketing?

Advantages of Internet Marketing to Kenya businesses

Internet marketing is exciting, challenging and very dynamic. Many local firms –small, medium and big- are yet to realize the power of internet marketing tools. Those who have already realized potential of online marketing are yet to exploit it to the maximum. Skills and experience ar