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Looking for Internet marketing Consultants? 3 things you should ask.

Online marketing consultation is gradually becoming a big business in Kenya. Big brands, medium and small companies are embracing this fast growing marketing channel. Promoting your services/products on the Internet, to be honest, requires a completely different approach from offline marketing.


The interaction between you and your customers/prospects is via your website, no direct contact. It’s from what they see, read and how they interact with your site that decides whether they will buy or not.

It’s also important to note that your site is just one element of conversion channel. The whole process of conversion starts from getting targeted traffic to your site, channeling the prospects through clear and well designed channels and eventually getting them to do what you want – be it to buy, subscribe or give their details.

A professional internet marketing Agency will ensure all conversion elements are in place; not just running ads. Whether you are using PPC marketing (Google Adwords, FaceBook Ads), implementing search engine optimization (seo) or any other means, high traffic alone can’t guarantee success of any online marketing campaign.

Here are three things your online marketing consultant should make clear to you before you start using the net to advertise you products:

Which page(s) of my website are customers landing?

Assuming your web designers did a good job, all you want now is just drive traffic to your homepage, right? This can be (not always the case) a terrible mistake.

Suppose you are running ads on Toyota spare parts. Do you land the visitors to your Toyota spare parts page or your homepage highlight all other make of spare parts?

People clicking your adverts are expecting to find spare parts for Toyota and not others. So the best bet here is to give the exacting what you ads promise, otherwise consider that sale lost.

If your consultant does find a good page to direct traffic to, having a good web designer to deliver professional landing page is the other option.

Is my landing page well optimized?

Now that we have an attractive landing page, is really well optimized for users. Always remember that it’s NOT about you, it’s about THEM! Don’t tell them how your company is great, no, they don’t want that crap.

Tell them clearly how your products/services will fix their problems. You may highlight the features, but make the benefits to them stand out more.

Make your landing pages attractive, clear and easy to follow. And more importantly, never forget to have conspicuous CALL to Action Buttons, like “Buy Now”, “Subscribe Today”, “Free Trial Now” etc.

Where are you getting targeted traffic?

You don’t necessarily have to be a professional in Google Adwords management to open an account, create campaigns and adgroups, or do you? There is a big different between just getting your ads showing online and internet marketing. The former is PURELY PUTTING YOUR BUSINESS ON THE LINE, as opposed to ONLINE.

Running internet marketing promotions, especially PPC marketing is very tricky. Getting a good chunk of your marketing budget go to the drain is very easy, if don’t what exactly you are doing. Having thousand of clicks doesn’t necessarily means success if there are no sales to show for it.

The crucial thing is to work with internet marketing companies that understand your business and know where to get the appropriate audience. You can’t sell cars to local teens, and expect returns on your investment. It just can’t happen!

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