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Advantages of Internet Marketing to Kenya businesses

Internet marketing is exciting, challenging and very dynamic. Many local firms –small, medium and big- are yet to realize the power of internet marketing tools. Those who have already realized potential of online marketing are yet to exploit it to the maximum. Skills and experience are must in this competitive niche.

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To help you better understand Internet marketing and its impact on your online/offline business, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. What is Internet Marketing?

2. What is the cost of Marketing online?

3. What benefit are obtained from e-marketing?

What is Internet Marketing?

Marketing is actually quite simple. Marketing is creating awareness about a product, service or company.

Therefore, Marketing includes advertising, promotion and sales, as well as various techniques and forms of communication that are used for advertising, promotion and sales.

Marketing is more than just advertising or promotion, it includes market research to know what consumers want and be able to satisfy their needs with product, price and appropriate distribution method.

Marketing also covers all activities that involve delivering the goods and services to the end user, including making customers aware of products and services, attract new customers, getting existing customers to remain interested in the product or service and create and maintain a customer base.

Internet marketing involves such activities, such as search engine marketing (PPC- pay per click), social networking, banner advertising, blogging, content marketing/newsletter, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing among others.

What is the cost of Internet Marketing?

The scale of online marketing spending is quite large. There are various promotional and marketing operations that may not cost you nothing or few thousands, while other advertising efforts can cost many thousands per day.

It is important to take into account your goals, both long and short term as well as how much it’s worth every potential client for you. This will help you determine a workable budget for your internet marketing campaigns.

It is best to start small and cheap, and to build gradually as you test and know what is good for your market and product. There is a perfect advertising solution that works wonderfully for everyone. Each niche and product has a different approach.

What benefits do I get from Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing offers more benefits than many other traditional marketing vehicles.

Email marketing can increase your contacts and sales tremendously, being able to customize your messages and reach target audience to increase sales opportunities exponentially.

Another huge benefit that provides Internet marketing is that it is convenient and provides instant results. Within minutes of starting an online campaign you immediately reach your target-prospects.

Unlike other traditional marketing methods, you can track and analyze every marketing tool to see whether it’s effective or not. This is helpful in identifying effective and cost-effective online strategies for your business.

The global reach is another major benefit of online marketing. It’s possible to reach any client in any part of the world. No geographical limitations posed by other marketing channels.


Having any query on internet marketing? Our e- marketing consultants will help you use online marketing effectively and efficiently for your sustainable success of your business.

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