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Internet Marketing Options for Kenya Small Businesses

Internet has indeed opened a completely new avenue for businesses- SMES and large corporations. However, just like in offline marketing, small and medium businesses should choose internet marketing tools that fit within their little budget, are sustainable and effective.


When it comes to budget, your small biz can’t compete with big brands; choosing the right internet marketing companies can be a very wise investment. You want your tight marketing budget handled by people with skills and experience in online advertising. Hiring an Internet marketing consultation agency, might sound unnecessary expenditure for your small company. But wait till you pour your hard earned shillings in online marketing, and get nothing to show for it. NO sales, No requests, No Leads! NOTHING!

Getting the services of internet marketing company is highly recommended, especially for starters. If you haven’t done it before, have someone to get you started. It’s very frustrating to have a bad start, isn’t it? Having your ads showing online isn’t internet marketing, at least, according to me. Achieving results from online marketing campaigns is the real internet marketing- Getting return on your investments.

Here are the two most viable internet marketing options for local small firms:

Google Adwords

This is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to start your internet marketing campaigns. Google Adwords allow to target your campaigns, meaning you have the control to determine who sees your adverts and from where.

Targeting your right audience is the key to successful marketing, and internet marketing is no exception. Google ads give s exactly that. You can opts to show your ads on people searching for the products/services you offer (Ads on Search) or in local websites with Google ads/ad sense (Network content) or both.

Using Google search (on Google search result pages) is a bit expensive than using Network content, but has potential to net more sales/leads if well targeted. It’s all about capturing people searching for what your offer. For instance, if you have a digital camera shop, you might target people searching for “camera shops”, “buy camera”, digital camera,”, cheap cameras” etc. These internet users have interest in what they are searching, or else why would they be going trouble of searching? That makes them very likely to buy from you, as long as you know how well to capture them from Google, getting them to your landing page, and prompting them to take an action.

Network Google advertising is cheaper, though its conversion may not match the search. The trick here is to identify which websites your prospects visit. If they have Google ads, it’s may be very effective to reach them. It’s equally important to blocks sites which may get your ads clicked, but not converting into customers.

Having an experience online marketing consultants, is thus very crucial to ensure your budget doesn’t go to the drain. Targeted internet marketing requires a person with clear understanding of the whole process of targeting the clients, with right ads, getting them on good landing pages, and with appropriate call on action. It’s no surprise to spend even hundred thousand and get no returns on your money, if and only when no one is guiding your online marketing.

Face Books ads

This giant social networking site is another very effective marketing option for Kenya small businesses. Compared to Google Adwords, this online marketing tool is relatively cheap, both in terms of Pay per Click (PPC) and pay per thousand impressions.

This makes it very cost effective way for small and medium firms, especially in brand promotion. But it also converts well if properly done and monitored. The only disadvantage is that it’s not contextual advertising unlike Google Ads. The only targeting is through, age filtering, location and probably interests.

Setting up FaceBooks ads and managing them is easier when compared to Google’s. You don’t have to worry about Quality score, keywords etc. The major concern here is appropriate targeting and well written and appealing Advert.

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