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Advantages of fibre optic cables to Kenyans

After so much hype, the fibre optic cables are now live. Many are eager to see the  promised benefits of fiber technology. But how do Kenyans stand to benefit from this latest development?  We were extremely excited to get connected with fiber and now that we already are, how are we going to exploit this technology?


Of course more business and employment opportunities are going to be created. But what really make fibre cables preferred medium of data transfer, over other media like coaxial cables and copper?

Here are some advantages of fibre optic cables, and their impact on business communities in Kenya.

High speed internet connection

This is one of the major benefits of the fiber optic technology. They have capacity to transfer higher amount of data than other transmission media, and hence more broadband. The use optic signals, means high speed internet connection.

This subsequently means data exchange within and among businesses and institutions is going to be very fast and efficient. High speed and capacity also significantly reduces the costs of communication, and thus reduced cost of doing business.

Internet security

No radiation is associated with fibre optic cables. This makes it very hard to eavesdrop. This technology offers the most secure data transmission when compared to other media.

This is an important feature, especially to transmitting very confidential and important information. Businesses, Governments, organizations, institutions and even individuals always want the highest privacy possible when transacting over the internet.

Thus more and more people are going to do businesses online, since security is well catered for by these cables.

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